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Shocking! i8 / 8 Plus is easy to be broken. Time to anti shock!

2017-9-28      View:
After Fixit finding the back shell of iPhone 8 Plus is easy to break, one i8 user also complain that his iPhone 8 is broken into pieces when it fell from his pocket.



This is really bad news to iPhone 8 series, specially to the peoplnt as many people said---buy an anti-shock protective film. So I would like to recommend our some kind of anti-shock product to you all.



  9H Safety Glass (Front & Back)  



This film is known as the high anti-shock, high anti-scratch, safety in film industry, and now it specially provide a full 360 degrees (back and front) protection with a back film. 

By standard test, the 100g steel ball drops from the height of 1m and the screen model is free of rupture. This is equivalent to the iPhone 8 is safe when falling from 1m height. 

 And as we all know, the tempered glass is extremely easy to be broken. What's more, using glass to protect the glass sounds more like a joke.


  0.32mm Golden Anti-shock Film (Front & Back)  


This film is specialized in explosion-proof function, nearly the same to 9H safety glass. Especially the patent blinds auto-repair layer makes it not only high explosion-proof, withstand 100g steel ball falling from 1m height for 5 times and no glass breakage, but also greatly enhance the tensile resistance and external force decomposition.

We launched "360 degree anti shock " new concept and create a comprehensive protection for screen and back shell. In addition, automatic repair is also fully applicable to the iPhone 8 series, as it can be repaired from the scratch. Let’s see the effect:

Except these two film, we have many kind of anti-shock product, such as anti-shock set (Film & Case), AG Anti-blue light & Anti-shock film, Smooth & Anti-shock Film, AG & Anti-shock film.

So are you ready to have a try?