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How To Choose The Best TPU Full Body Screen Protector?

2018-4-23      View:

In the past two years, the tpu screen protector has been cover to the entire mobile phone protective film market. Have you really understood the tpu screen protector? (other maybe call name to hydrogels film, gel screen protector, full cover screen protector)
The difference between tpu screen protector and tempered glass film:
Last year's ultra-popular tpu full cover screen protector, what is it in the end? tpu screen protector are imported materials, using TPU as a substrate, combined with optical plastic . It has superior ductility and retractility, strong and effective self-repair function, impact resistance, durability, better toughness, and a certain buffer effect on sharp object collisions. At the same time to ensure that the perfect fit does not any bubble edge, more beautiful, the foil is very thin, just like the bare metal, the touch is more sensitive, ultra-thin design gives you a bare-metal experience. The foil is not as thick as the tempered glass film, so this film will not affect the weight and feel of the phone.

Why give up the tempered glass and choose TPU full cover screen protector?
if the tpu screen protector appearance with bubble scratches, can be automatically repaired, transparent foil effective improve image display clarity, but also effectively block the blue light (not only anti-blue tempered glass film, there are still blue tpu full cover skin film). Compared to tempered film, although very popular, and the disadvantages are also obvious. The mobile phone is prone to bubble edges, ash, edge curls, etc. it is particularly easy to break the edge. Although its advantages are obvious, it looks like a bare screen, but its disadvantages are also obvious. The general tempered glass film is particularly thick. If the tempered film is too thick, it will have some disadvantages. Another point is that now the curved screen and 2.5D screen is the mainstream, the tempered glass film can not be fully covered by glue, resulting in touch problems and appearance is not beautiful, and the sofr tpu screen protector is just the opposite, it has the flexibility, can be 360 degree perfect paste mobile phones, and the nano screen foil is completely different from the general film, with the positioning tool, making the install film easier and faster
Contrast wet applicator screen protector:
Another kind of water-sprayed TPU screen protector, the use of water in the install  process, easily lead to the earpiece of the into water malfunction, not spray water tpu screen protector, just adhesive viscosity increases, so that the process don't require a hydraulic coagulant, This reduces unnecessary trouble and damage in the install process.

Why use tpu screen protector:
The foil uses a high light transmission design to better watch the phone. The slim design feels like a bare body feel, and it feels more comfortable and smooth. After touching the film, the touch is more sensitive and smooth, it is not astringent, and it has automatic scratch repair function. For example, when leaving a small bubble on the film, don't worry, it will disappear in a few hours. Is it amazing, this makes the install film more easy.
tpu screen protector: Ultra-thin design more transparent, better able to restore mobile phone color, effective hydrophobic oil, more durable. High-definition transparent anti-fingerprint, give you a clean screen; more effective against blue light, protect your eyes from harm, use it more peace of mind, full-screen coverage, protection is more comprehensive. Full-screen coverage of full-screen fit, all-round protection of mobile phones to prevent dust from entering, super-adsorption technology, so that mobile phones and screen protector perfect integration, more solid and beautiful. The use of new toughness materials makes the toughness stronger and more fully fits the mobile phone. Compared with the tempered glass film, the plasticity is stronger, and the mobile phone is not scratched and the use of a more secure. The full fit of the whole body and the superior absorption make it eventually replace the tempered glass film and become the most popular screen protector. (BESTSUIT brand has all kind of full body screen protector: Matte, Smooth, automatic Repair, Diamond Anti Blue light)